Is TONTOURING the key to flawless skin? Marissa Carter defines her facial features with fake tan… and it lasts up to a week


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Selfie super-fan Kim Kardashian well and truly put contouring – a laborious method of applying make-up to enhance features – on the map in 2014.
But in2B5BCA8F00000578-3197624-She_also_applies_a_little_bit_under_the_tip_of_the_nose_and_down-a-23_1439550705678 the fast-paced and fickle world of beauty, a new means of contouring is taking hold – and it doesn’t involve any make-up at all.
Tontouring involves cheating your way to defined cheekbones using fake tan. The trend, coined by FEMAIL and demonstrated by Cocoa Brown founder Marissa Carter, 32, from Dublin, involves using a variety of fake tans to sculpt the cheekbones, define the nose and enhance the structure of the face.

Speaking about the new trend, she said: ‘It’s every woman’s dream to look good without make-up and t  his technique gives you the opportunity to wake up looking naturally perfectly contoured.

‘Unless you have Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist on hand, achieving a perfectly contoured look with make-up can take hours. Contouring with tan is a really easy technique, that literally anyone with tan and a make up brush can do.

‘Ever since I mentioned this technique on my Snapchat a month ago, I have been inundated with women who have commented on easy it is to add this to their weekly routine. This technique means you only need contour once a week as opposed to every day, giving you the perfect make-up free selfie.’

Marissa shares a fool-proof four-step guide to recreating the look in your bedroom. She begi2B5BCA7B00000578-3197624-Next_using_a_stippling_foundation_brush_she_advises_applying_a_d-a-20_1439550695806ns by applying a gradual tanning moisturiser all over the face. This gives the skin a gentle glow, a natural tanning base which is oil-free so won’t block pores either.
Next, using a stippling foundation brush, she advises applying a darker shade of tan to the forehead.
She opts for the one hour tan dark mousse from her own brand, of course, which is loved by Kylie Jenner.
‘Using a mousse formulation is important because it is oil free and won’t clog pores or cling to fine lines and wrinkles,’ she explains.
Then, using an angled contouring brush, apply tan under the cheekbone from ear to mid cheek. ‘A little bit of tan under the tip of the nose and down the sides will make the nose look smaller,’ she said.
She concludes: ‘This may look harsh when first applied but use fingers to blend for an even glow.’


The Finished Product….looking fab Marissa!