Cocoa Brown talks to Celebrity Eyebrow Guru Ciara Gallagher


Ever wondered how Aussie celebrities like the gorgeous Samantha Jade get their brows so perfect & how they have somehow escaped the over plucking phenomenon we all fell pray to in the 90’s?


While the rest of us sit and weep over photos of brow queen Cara Delevingne, celebrities & an army of loyal clients alike are making their way to Bondi Junction to seek the services of of Brow genius Ciara Gallagher of Ultimate Brow; the latest Sydney stockist of Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter.

Ciara, originally from Ireland is the best kept secret in Brow care in Sydney, operating from her salon in Bondi Junction, Ciara has built a huge following over the past 3 years, transforming the brows of her clients & sharing the secrets that keep her fully booked weeks in advance.

Here Ciara shares with us her story & best tips for ensuring you give MS Delevigne a run for her money……..

Ciara you started out in the beauty industry specialising in fake tan, tell us about the transition to focusing on brows & what prompted it?

I guess I noticed that brows were beginning to trend and that’s when I came across High Definition Brows. At the time Hd Brows were only available in one salon in Sydney’ s East, which happened to be owned my friend Edel. This was helpful to me for getting an insight into the training and assurance that I didn’t need any previous training in the beauty Industry. In 2012 I completed the course and started marketing the treatment straight away to my existing clients that I had gained through tanning. In the beginning I worked from home but as my clientèle starting to build rapidly I decided to open my Brow Studio in Bondi Junction in January 2014.

Where do you think the resurgence of the fuller brows has come from & do you think its going anywhere any time soon?

Even though brows have been making statements since the 1920’s I think social media has brought massive awareness to brows in recent years, I think we now know the importance of a good brow. There is no doubt that fuller correctly shaped brows can frame the face, balance features and help make us look younger. So it’s my prediction that while styles may vary a little fuller brows are here to stay!

What drew you to Cocoa Brown & prompted you to start selling the product in your salon?

Initially I kept hearing raving reviews about Cocoa Brown tan through my Irish clients and was very keen to see for myself what the hype was all about. I have to say I was instantly impressed. From a business prospective stocking Cocoa Brown was an easy decision, if I love something I want everyone to have or try it whether it be tan, makeup or a good restaurant. There is definitely something unique about the Cocoa Brown Brand and its creator Marissa Carter that’s exciting and inspiring, I’m delighted to have it in my salon and can’t wait to see what other fabulous products there are in the future.

And Finally what would be your top do’s & dont’s for achieving perfect brows? 

  1. Know your brows and what your goal is, if you are unsure of anything have your brow specialist explain it. Do not be shy, your brows are on your face after all . A good consultation is the most important part of your brow treatment.
  2. Do not attempt to wax/thread or trim your own brows
  3. Don’t tweeze if possible. I try to encourage clients to stay away from tweezers, I’ve seen how one hair can make or break a brow, most of my clients are on Tweezer Bans:-)
  4. Do not be tempted to tweeze any grey you may get, you need this hair. Remember over tweezed hair doesn’t always grow back!
  5. Apply a small drop of castor oil over the brows at night to promote growth. Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid (anti bacterial/fungal agent that helps accelerate growth) and omega 9 acids that will nourish the hair and the follicle.
  6. Be smart with your makeup, learn what products work best for you and how to use minimum amount to maximise your natural brow. It’s also good to have a day and night brow, wear your brows accordingly to the rest of your makeup.
  7. Have professional consistent treatments, consistency definitely helps to achieve good brows, clients notes and photos are a must for me.

 To Make an appointment with Ciara call 0416 152 381 or visit her Salon at Level 2, 175-181 Oxford Street Bondi Junction