Are There Concerns With IPL Treatments?

Are There Concerns With IPL Treatments?

Many people are asking are IPL treatments safe for their skin? If you are like most people these days, the answer is no. There is now even some clinical trials being conducted on the use of IPL treatments for skin renewal and treatment of skin blemishes. The use of lasers in cosmetic procedures has been around for years. However, IPL is a newer technology, and still a fairly new procedure.

Most people are aware of lasers but not much of the energy-based treatments such as IPL. It may have seemed like an impossible task just a decade ago. The lasers used then were very powerful and delivering high levels of light, resulting in scarring. Today, the technology is much improved and lower energy levels are required. This results in less pain and healthier skin for patients.

Basic Questions

Some basic questions remain to be answered. First of all, are IPL treatments safe for everyone? Currently, the answer seems to be yes. While certain patients should not undergo IPL treatments due to risks such as excessive skin reaction, wrinkles, or photosensitivity, many other patients can safely receive this type of treatment.

There are many different types of these treatments. Skin doctors have been prescribing them for years and are very effective for people who need help with sun exposure or are simply seeking a little extra help to keep their skin looking young. A light treatment involves blue light therapy, which sends short waves of blue light through the skin, which are supposed to stimulate collagen production.

IPL treatments

Getting a Treatment

If you are interested in having one of these treatments, it is important to choose a doctor who is qualified to do them. For the treatment to give you the best results, it needs to be done by someone who has the right experience and knowledge. Also, if you are planning to have other treatments done at the same time (such as Botox), then you should make sure that your doctor can combine the rejuvenation treatment with those other treatments. You want to make sure that when you have other treatments done at the same time, that your doctor can guarantee the best results.

While there are some minor discomfort risks, most patients report that they are not a significant problem. It is the small bumps, heat, and sweat that patients normally deal with that causes the most discomfort. Some IPL photo facial treatments are available for patients who are looking to have a quick procedure done, without any issues, but most patients are looking for long-lasting results that eliminate all of their wrinkles. To get the results you are looking for, be sure to find a doctor who specializes in this technology.


There are many benefits to having IPL treatments done. Most patients can see improvement in their wrinkles within a couple of weeks of having the procedure done. The effects are not permanent, but over time you will notice a difference. Some patients report that they feel younger after the procedure. These are the benefits of the energy-based treatments that are available; however, the short term pain typically associated with these treatments is also usually worth it.